Recruitment: Opening soon™!

Lethal will be building a raid team in Warlords of Draenor!
We will be raiding normal/heroic so we are building a raid team of 10+ raiders - looking at a raidpool of about 18 for consistent 10 person raiding.
Normal and heroic difficulties being flexible, we won't be benching anybody as long as the raid meets the dps requirements for the raid (no 5 healer, 4 tank 5 dps raids).

If we build up a steady group with the skills and wish, we may progress to Mythic raiding, but this is not guaranteed.

Kind regards,

Lethal's Management

Hi all,

Below you can find our official Raid Progression! I think I don't have to explain the icons, do I?

Gruul Imperator Mar'gok
Oregorger Kargath Bladefist
Foremaster Feldspar Ko'ragh
Hans'gar Twin Orgon
Flamebender Ka'graz  
Kromog Brackenspore
Beastmaster Darmac Tectus
Operator Thogar The Butcher
The Iron Maidens