Recruitment: Open!

Lethal raids normal/heroic and has met the set goal of 18+ people in the raidgroup for consistent raids.

We are accepting a number of Ranged DPS (see below).
We will always consider exceptional applicants, but please be very specific why you are exceptional if you apply for a closed position or class.
If you think you may want to apply, you are welcome to contact one of the raid officers in game - Nokk, Morosin, Burnadet or Feelthedots - ask any member of lethal if any of us are online on alts if you do not see us on a /who (do note that you will have to fill out an application under all circumstances).

Tanks DPS Healers
Death Knight Death Knight Druid
Druid Druid (Balance) Monk
Monk Druid (Feral) Paladin
Paladin Hunter Priest
Warrior Mage Shaman
Shaman (Elemental)
Shaman (Enhancement)


Hi all,

Below you can find our official Raid Progression! I think I don't have to explain the icons, do I?

Kargath Bladefirst


N HC   N HC  
Kargath Bladefist Gruul
The Butcher Oregorger
Brackenspore Blastfurnace
Tectus Hans'gar & Franzok
Twin Ogron Flamebender Ka'graz
Ko'ragh Kromog
Imperator Mar'gok Beastlord Darmac
        Operator Thogar
        The Iron Maidens
7/7 7/7 3/7   10/10 10/10 0/10